Daily Forecast

The gauges below provide the most recent reading for each of our indicators.  For more information on the indicators please visit our Strategy page. Indicators are automatically updated at the end of each trading day at 4:33pm ET. For intraday indicator values see the Intraday Indicators page.

Subscription or Day Pass is required to view current indicator values. Data below is delayed 2 days.

BiasTM: The current bias of VXX and ZIV as determined by the current shape of the VIX futures term structure and short-term trend indicators. A more negative reading means a stronger negative bias ("headwind") for that security. A more positive reading means a stronger positive bias ("tailwind").

VRP: The VRP (Volatility Risk Premium) signal compares forward implied volatility (VIX) with historical volatility. A negative reading indicates a buy signal for SVXY while a change to positive indicates a buy signal for VXX.

Note: Our indicator data (also sometimes referred to within the site as "Daily Forecasts") takes information about current market characteristics and places it in context of historical data points using mathematical functions that provide insight into what specific ETFs & ETNs may do based on the definitions for movement as defined within the relevant ETP prospectus and historical data. Risks and other factors as defined with each ETP prospectus may also impact the price of the ETP. The indicators should not be construed as a prediction of any sort.

Subscription or Day Pass is required to view current indicator values. Data below is delayed 2 days.

Historical Values
The charts below contain plots of historical indicator values compared with performance of VXX, XIV, and ZIV (Indicator values use the left axis; Price uses the right axis).
(If charts do not display you may need to mouse-over the chart area.)

Spike Risk: The probability of a rise of 7% or more in VXX over the next two days. Values below 25% indicate a low risk of a spike in VXX. Values between 40% and 60% are moderate risk. Values above 60% are high risk. See historical values below (Forecast values use the left axis; Percent change uses the right axis)

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