Company Overview
Trading Volatility provides specialized data and analytics to help investors better understand the complex world of volatility ETPs and financial derivatives. We provide two separate services, each of which are centered in the world of volatility: A Volatility ETP tracking service ( "Volatility+" ), and a service specific to the gamma flows, volatility, and dark pool activity of stocks ( "Stocks+" ).

In Volatility+ we provide insight to help self-directed investors with their portfolio performance by including volatility derivatives as an asset class. You can learn more about our investing strategy on our Strategy pageOur proprietary algorithms analyze VIX futures and other market data to generate daily indicators for the price movement of various volatility ETFs. 

In Stocks+ we collect and process data for hundreds of thousands of options contracts daily to produce insight into gamma flows, skew composition, and Dark Pool buying of U.S.-based securities and indexes.

The majority of our services are only available via subscription. 
- For a description of the services currently available for Volatility+ please visit the Subscribe page. 
- For a description of the services currently available for Stocks+ please visit that Subscribe page.

For inquires regarding other services such as group sales, institutional subscriptions, hedge fund subscriptions, and consulting please contact us via the Contact page.

About The Owner
Jay Wolberg is Portfolio Manager of the Switchback Dynamic Volatility Fund 1 and co-founder of Switchback Global Capital. Jay founded Trading Volatility in 2012 after years of development of trading strategies and forecasting algorithms for derivatives trading. Prior to founding Trading Volatility, Jay led various engineering teams within the wireless division of Intel and served as Principal Engineer within the Internet telephony division of Comcast. He holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Jay currently lives in Oakland, CA.

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