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Today I am launching a blog in which I will discuss trading of Volatility (VIX) Futures through various ETFs and ETNs. Additionally I will be disclose my trades in this area, primarily for historical documentation purposes.

I have spent two years assembling data and completing quantitative analysis and modeling in order to build strategies for trading short-dated (1st and 2nd month) volatility futures. These strategies have substantially out-performed the standard market benchmarks and my goal with this blog is to share my experience.

Yesterday I received a signal to exit a trade in XIV (VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETN) that I opened on Nov 12, 2012.   Entry price was $16.65 and the exit price yesterday was $19.61, for a
17.8% gain.  At this time there is no trade in place until we see the next market signal.


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