Another Big Week For VIX - Is There More Upside?

Another week of gains for VIX (+16.5%) has made for a +30.9% move over the past 2 weeks. VIX futures gained as well this week, driving VXX up 3.4% and ZIV down 0.8%. Below is a view of the VIX futures term structure week over week:

While the VXX bias remained dismally low all week, on Tuesday evening our VXX Spike Risk Daily Forecast algorithms moved into the danger zone with a reading of 5.9. Since then VXX has gained 6%.

Our Trading Volatility+ members had the opportunity to use this information to act accordingly and mitigate risk in their trades. For just $2/day via a 6-month subscription, having access to this insight to help mitigate losses and improve gains is an absolute bargain.

XIV is now down 7.0% since our Trading Volatility Insiders received notice that we were drastically reducing our holdings on May 17th. We'll continue to keep Trading Volatility Insiders updated on all our trades and provide other market insights at no additional charge for all Trading Volatility+ subscribers.

Access to the daily forecasts, our trade notifications, and everything else outlined on the Trading Volatility+ page is available through subscription. For those interested we are currently offering a $120 discount on 6-month memberships through June 20th as part of our service launch celebration.

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