VIX Nears A Floor After A Week Of Heavy VIX Selling

VIX took a holiday as well this week falling 11.9% from last Friday's close. The VIX Futures term structure contango steepened as all months along the curve fell in proportion to VIX. Here's the week over week change in term structure:

From our daily forecasts we can see that after a month of elevated spike risk, the VXX Spike Risk forecast fell below the 5.0 "danger zone" on the evening of June 26th and remained there this week, with VXX losing 12% since that time (and XIV +13.3%).

Spot VIX is starting to press down towards the VIX "floor" set by actual market volatility over the past 3 months (HV60), with VIX now just 5% higher than HV60. We could still see VIX press down into the 13s, but I don't expect it to head much lower (see green circles below).

UPDATED 7/8: Corrected week-over-week term structure chart and VIX % change

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