Link to Recording of Webinar with Bob Lang and Jay Wolberg

I was invited to join Bob Lang (options trading mentor at, contributor to, and one of Jim Cramer's go-to technical experts on Mad Money) in a webinar yesterday. The recorded video has been posted online for anyone interested.

We had a great conversation, covering a wide variety of topics in 80 minutes. To help you find topics of interest, I've outlined our discussion along with approximate minute marks.

- Show intro (0:00)

- Bob's current market analysis (1:50)

- Into of Jay (10:15)

- Overview of Volatility (13:25)

- Role of actual market volatility in pricing of forward looking volatility (VIX) (17:18)

- What happens during  recent, brief VIX spikes which quickly revert; impact of QE (24:00)

- Common misconceptions of VXX (30:28)

- Reasons for large blocks of VIX calls (36:15)

- Reason why actual volatility may be higher than implied volatility (39:40)

- Reasons for a rising VIX while the market is rising (41.45)

- Likelihood of seeing a VIX in the 90s again (45:00)

- Reasons for current low VIX regime (47:50)

- Recent pattern of buying XIV on dips and likelihood of continuation of this pattern (51:05)

- Letting data guide trading decisions (53:25)

- XIV technical analysis -- importance of 200-day moving average (54:40)

- XIV indicators (57:30)

- Possibility of rally in XIV in today's market & levels to watch for Friday (1:00:10)

- Do VIX levels have influence on whether equities go up or down (1:02:00)

- Preparing for Black Swan events (1:03:45)

- Current decision making for trading XIV in market Friday (1:08:00)

- Signals for start of new rally in XIV (1:10:30)

- Why Thursday's move in XIV was an indicator that VIX was overbid (1:11:45)

- Tour of free resources at (1:14:00)

If you are interested in learning more about trading options from a technical expert, check out Bob's website at and follow him on Twitter at @aztecs99.

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