Automated Trading For Our VRP+VXX Bias Strategy

By popular request, we have made it dramatically easier for people to trade our leading indicator, the VRP+VXX Bias.

Our VRP+VXX Bias strategy, which returned 36% in 2015, is now available for auto-trading using Collective2's world-class automatic trading platform.

One of the biggest problems for traders and investors is discipline in execution. Scheduling conflicts, emotional barriers, trading fatigue, and lack of confidence can all lead to a deviation from proper trading plan execution. Automation is key in eliminating these common trading pitfalls.

This link is the new home of the VRP+VXX Bias strategy on the Collective2 website where you can follow the trading record, statistics, and a description of the product.

Auto-Trade At An 85% Discount**
Subscribers to our Trading Volatility+ service will receive an 85% discount on the C2 auto-trading service for as long as you remain a Trading Volatility+ subscriber (contact us for a coupon code).

7-Day Free Trial
Sign up at Collective2 for a 7-day free trial with no commitment and see what you think!

More Information On Collective2's Auto-Trading Platform
Collective2's auto-trading platform allows you to have the trades in our strategy mirrored in your own brokerage account. You control the brokerage firm, the trade size, and the ability to intervene to take profits or place your own stops. See here for additional information on their auto-trading and the list of compatible brokers.

Details On Our Automated Trading Plan
The trading execution on the C2 platform utilizes automated buy and sell signals from our VRP+VXX Bias indicator. The following are the detailed mechanics of this automated trading system:
- Trades will be placed at 3:57pm ET if our indicators detect a change in direction.
- Since our VRP+VXX Bias values become official at 4:33pm ET, any discrepancies with the official signal will be resolved at the open of the next trading session.
- This strategy is in 100% cash approximately 30% of the time.
- This strategy typically makes 20-30 trades per year.
- All VXX trades are entered with a 6% stop loss.
- All XIV trades are entered with a 10% stop loss.
- Additional data on our VRP+VXX Bias strategy can be found on our Strategy page.

** Promotional discount offerings subject to change without notice.

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